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UTM Rope Access

Our IRATA approved UTM Team reaches and inspects every area freeing you from cherry picker and staging requirements.
Fast, Cost-Efficient, Flexible, Multipurpose.

Lifeboat-Davit Inspection

Annual and 5-Yearly Lifeboat & Davit Inspections. Repairs & Overhauls, Hull Repairs, Morse Wire & Davit Wire Replacements.
Flag – Class – Maker and MSc.402(96) Approved.

Means of Access

Annual, 5-Yearly inspections & Load Testing of Accommodation, Pilot & Gangway Ladders.
Our portable water weights can travel worldwide without requiring cargo transit.


We ensure your Vessel’s Fire Fighting Systems & Equipment are up to Flag, Class and Manufacturer Operational standards

Hatch Leak Inspections

The surest and safest way to identify the actual tightness of your Vessel’s Hatch Covers, safeguarding the safety of your Crew, Vessel & Cargo.


We offer Inspection & Calibration of a variety of Measuring Equipment ensuring their accuracy.
Gas Detectors, Temperature Calibrators, Thermometers, Gauging Tapes, Gas Pressure Meters, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Calibrators.