Who we are

Oceanic Marine Services is a company established on 2011, active in the Merchant Marine field.

Oceanic Marine Services founders are well established in the company’s field of activities and carry on their shoulders extensive experience, which has been build-up through more than 10 years of practice and friction in major aspects of the Marine industry such as fleet managing, superintendency, NDT testing, Lifeboat and davit inspection & maintenance, cargo gear inspections as well as Hull and Machinery repairs afloat and at various shipyards around the globe.

The company comprises its staff by Mechanical, Marine Engineers and Naval Architects who stay alert and maintain a worldwide 24/7 availability to support a full range of services in any type of Vessel.

We utilise equipment of the latest technology from established, well respected Manufacturers whilst simultaneously enforcing our training constantly, in order to ensure our precision and efficiency.

Oceanic Marine Services personnel, have accumulated theoretical knowledge and practical work experience by working with all of the IACS Classification Societies, which in turn allows them to modify their activities towards meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements applicable in any given project, while remaining flexible enough to surpass our clients’ needs.